Take over the stars, blast through enemy fighter waves and destroy capital ships while piloting the most advanced fighters in the galaxy. As a member of the elite black ops DSO-01 squadron you will investigate the Sirius Incident, the largest friendly fire engagement in recent history.

Done with the story missions? The challenge missions will keep you entertained and engaged by adjusting to your skill and play-style.

Strike Wing: Raptor Rising is a single player space combat simulator for Android, Android TV, iPad, iPhone, Ouya and Windows Phone that combines sharp controls, beautiful graphics and adaptable missions to create an unique space combat experience for both your mobile device or TV.

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Expansion 1 - The Rising Hand

The first free expansion adds 3 new missions and 5 powerful new ships to your arsenal. Obliterate your enemies using the heavy Albatross gunship or engage into close dogfights while piloting the Hyena light fighter.

Complete the following heart-pounding missions:

Expansion 2 - The High Guard

Fly 3 new advanced spacecraft belonging to the High Guard. The fast Blackwing, the powerful Rhino and the intimidating Raven are the perfect weapons to dominate any battlefield. These spacecraft have very good shields and energy reserves, however they lack in the hull resistance department.

Expansion 3 - Story Mode Episode 1

Discover the story of the Deep Space Operation 01 Squadron as they solve the first chapter of the Sirius Incident mystery.

Expansion 4 - Story Mode Episode 2

Episode 2 takes place in the same time as the first one, showing you what happened right after the Sirius Incident in the opposing force.

Developed by Dream Builder Studios

Published by Crescent Moon Games